Enterprise Analysis Delivers Desired Results ... and More

The Challenge

Perform business/systems analysis of a staff office at a Cabinet-level federal agency, and develop a needs assessment and recommended path foward for the purpose of modernizing their operations. This would include updating enterprise business system applications, streamlining business processes and retiring/replacing an outdated (over 20 years old) legacy application.

The Success

The originally defined project was successfully completed in six months as planned. However, the client was so impressed with the Edgewater team's ability to gain an in-depth understanding of its systems, data and processes, that the task and scope of the project was extended for an additional year.

During this extension, Edgewater provided project management expertise to retire the legacy system, and helped with the selection and implementation of a commercial off-the-shelf solution. Edgewater also provided technical systems consultants to migrate the legacy data and change management to assist with training and transition.

The task ended with the adoption of many of Edgewater's recommendations, successful retirement of the legacy system and implementation of a new enterprise-level system application.

“The services and expertise provided by Edgewater were superb. They were very knowledgeable and deliverables were on time. Thanks to their outstanding support, we were able to complete our project on time and under budget.” Senior Federal Project Manager

Network Re-Design and Engineering Improves Security, Reliability and Efficiency

The Challenge

Design, engineer and provide ongoing support of a Government field office network and desktop environment. The network serves and connects all of the federal and contractor users at both the field office and its remote locations. This would include: more than 40 virtual and non-virtual Windows and Linux servers; 450+ desktops (Microsoft Windows OS and Office Suite); 100+ network and stand-alone printers, 60+ switches and routers; 10+ firewalls; and secure remote access capabilities.

The Success

The Edgewater effort encompassed technical software and hardware engineering support for over 40 network servers in support of enterprise-wide applications. We analyzed and determined requirements, evaluated and tested technologies, and created solutions from design through configuration and deployment. Edgewater also helped design and implement email (MS Exchange), file services, network and storage devices, security devices and tools, databases (MS SQL and Oracle), mission applications, printers, scanners, plotters, desktops, laptops and mobile devices (Blackberry, iPhones, iPads, etc.).

“We are very pleased with our network and desktop capabilities, performance and security. Please keep doing what you have been doing.” Federal IT Manager

Cyber Security Programs Win Government Praise

The Challenge

Establish and maintain effective cyber security programs for several program, field and staff organizations at the Department of Energy. Once the cyber security plans are formulated, implement day-to-day cyber security activities including: risk management, annual assessment, assessment and authorization (A&A), and continuous monitoring.

Edgewater is ideally suited to this task, having obtained, trained and maintained a staff with extensive cyber security experience and expertise. The team, ranging from junior-entry to senior level staff, holds many security-related certifications (CISSP, CISA, CISM, GSEC, etc.), as well as a thorough knowledge and understanding of NIST, OMB and agency-level cyber security, privacy policies and regulations. Edgewater has experience with both classified and unclassified operating environments, including networks, databases, desktops and applications.

The Success

The most wide-ranging cyber security program created, managed and maintained by the Edgewater team protects dozens of corporate applications, many of which support DOE’s enterprise business processes and systems. Edgewater has also secured dozens of classified and mission oriented systems.

It all started with Edgewater’s well trained and experienced cyber security experts understanding the customers mission requirements and establishing a robust cyber security program to secure mission information and communications. This program leverages SANS Institute’s Twenty Critical Controls for Effective Cyber Defense and NIST guidelines to tailor our testing, assessments and solutions to meet the specific security challenges of the organization. Employing a continuous monitoring approach we ensure that we are several steps ahead of any vulnerability or potential security breach.

“Our cyber security program has been touted as one of the best. Other organizations ask for assistance from our team on a frequent basis.” Federal Organization Cyber Security Program Manager

IT Life-Cycle Support Brings DOE Office Up to Speed

The Challenge

Consolidate the IT network and desktop operations while continuing to provide full IT life-cycle support of a major DOE program office involving 3500 users at five locations across the U.S. The client required a fixed per seat cost, a secure common desktop configuration, strong configuration management control and a centralized help desk.

The Success

Edgewater developed the consolidated scope, requirements, design and plans for outsourcing IT desktop, laptop, network printer, email, wireless devices, video teleconferencing, remote access and software licensing. Customer service-level agreements (CSA) were also established with two levels of service. In addition, Edgewater’s IT life cycle support included developing the organization's first IT strategic plan, preparing Office of Management and Budget (OMB) 300 and 53 Exhibits, developing and maintaining mission-related system applications, developing and implementing classified and unclassified security policies, and designing and implementing network/desktop operations.

Agency System Implementation Gives Travelers Aid

The Challenge

Help the Department of Energy migrate to the latest E-Government Travel System (ETS) ... not once, but twice. As each new version of the ETS was issued by the General Services Administration (GSA), Edgewater brought its functional and technical travel systems expertise to the DOE to facilitate the transition.

The Success

First, Edgewater supported the migration and implementation of ETS1 (GOVTRIP). This mission was so successful that we were invited back to manage the recent migration to ETS2 (CONCUR). System implementation included over 12,000 users in 27 program/staff offices and 14 field offices, data migration and user training activities. At the same time, we continued to provide day-to-day tier 1 and tier 2 travel help desk support.

The Edgewater team has received continuous praise from our federal client and the DOE travel user community for our outstanding customer service. The DOE was an early adopter of ETS2 and, with Edgewater's support, continues to be a leader in working with the GSA and other federal agencies to improve the overall ETS2 application.

“Thank you for all you have done. Your attentiveness to the Office of the Secretary over the years is an example of your strong commitment to excellence and accuracy to keep the travel for the Department running smoothly.” Senior Level Travel Coordinator

Corporate Expertise Enables Outstanding Customer Service

The Challenge

Support human capital/payroll systems for the Department of Energy (DOE). Specialized expertise with iManage, the program that integrates all of the DOE's corporate business systems, processes and data, is required for this ongoing assignment. Edgewater also brought to the table broad knowledge of the relevant federal directives, regulations and policies; and extensive familiarity with all human capital data.

The Success

This service helps Edgewater provide a seamless involvement with the DOE's iManage program, in addition to the travel and cyber security components described in other success stories. Not only do we maintain the applications, we also enhance them to ensure the timeliness and quality of payroll to over 10,000 employees on a bi-weekly basis.

This Edgewater team has gained a reputation at the DOE for its exceptional ability to research and respond to internal and external data inquiries, and for its outstanding attention to the customers.

“Please keep this team together forever; I would not know what to do without their knowledge, dedication and attention to detail.” Functional System Owner

Strong Enterprise Architecture Results in Effective Investments

The Challenge

Develop and maintain Enterprise Architecture (EA) plans for several federal organizations in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget and Federal Enterprise Architecture directives and policies.

The Success

Over the years, Edgewater has gained a reputation for understanding the importance and effectiveness of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and its value to making strategic business, technical and financial decisions. Edgewater has lead efforts in several federal organizations to develop and maintain Enterprise Architectures in accordance with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) directives/policies. The proof of Edgewater’s success in EA is the resulting cost savings and business process efficiencies gained by the organizations. The end result is that more time and resources are focused on accomplishing mission goals.

“Edgewater has made my job much easier. When my management, CIO or OMB request information, I can always get what I need to respond.” Organizational IT Lead