We Lead Business Processes into the Future

Technology and business systems are increasingly interconnected, powerful, and complex.  To align systems’ capabilities with the core business needs of federal organizations takes intelligent strategy and tactical expertise. 

That’s what Edgewater brings.

Starting from a thorough understanding of organizational mission objectives, we focus on the people, process and technology to ask the following questions:

Is my organization optimized for success?
Do I have the right people in the right roles?
Do my processes align with my business objective?
Am I leveraging technology?

Following this assessment, we focus on closing the gaps and defining a successful future state with established priorities.  Whether it’s a full organizational digital transformation or a department-specific workflow issue, our BPO methodology helps our clients establish a roadmap for successful process improvement and business transformation results.

Our Services:

Strategy Development

Current State Analysis

New Process Design

Gap Analysis


Digital Transformation


Outdated Systems at a Cabinet-Level Agency Are Modernized and Business Processes Optimized

The Challenge: A staff office at a Cabinet-level federal agency provided Edgewater with a task to perform a needs analysis on a very inefficient 20-year-old system and with outdated manual processes and cyber security vulnerabilities. The client specifically requested Edgewater to document the “as is” environment and processes and recommend a “to be” environment and processes that would meet the mission requirements with a secure system solution using updated technology and more efficient business processes. Change management also posed a significant challenge because the users were comfortable with the current system and were not concerned about the cyber security vulnerabilities.

The Solution: Edgewater delivered the requested needs analysis that included detailed documentation of the mission requirements and recommended a plan to replace the legacy system with a commercial off-the-shelf solution implemented in a cloud-environment. The initial task was expanded, and Edgewater was asked to implement the recommended solution and updated business processes. Edgewater provided program management and technical systems consultants to acquire the off-the-shelf solution, configure the system environment, migrate the legacy data, address change management, develop and assist with training on the new processes, and manage the overall transition/implementation.

The Outcome: The project ended with the successful retirement of the legacy systems and the seamless implementation of a new enterprise-level system application and improved business processes. The new system provided the ability for the data to directly entered by multiple users from remote sites and eliminated re-entry by the central office. This was a significant efficiency improvement that also greatly improved the quality of the data in the system. Supported off-the-shelf software in the cloud-based environment also resolved the client’s concerns regarding technology support and cyber security.

“The services and expertise provided by Edgewater were superb. They were very knowledgeable, and deliverables were on time. Thanks to their outstanding support, we were able to complete our project on time and under budget."
- Senior Federal Project Manager

Why Edgewater

Federal Expertise

Our success is based on deep institutional knowledge of federal entities. Working under a broad range of contract vehicles, we’ve successfully secured three-letter agencies again and again.

Innovative Approach

We stay on the leading edge of technology so that we can deliver top-of-the-line solutions that best meet client needs. We hold certifications in the latest versions of nearly all common federal technologies.

Industry-Leading Team

Our team is the best in the industry because we prioritize our people. The majority of our team members hold or have previously held top secret clearances and have advanced certifications in their specialties.

Let Us Connect You With a Team Member That Can Deliver a Solution That Meets Your Business Needs.