Revamping Data Collection: Upgrading Legacy Systems for Client Modernization

Leaders agreed that it was time to retire their Transformation system and upgrade it to a platform that would be more flexible in developing robust, reliable collection systems with lower operating and maintenance costs.

“AMERICA” App Enhances CFO Reporting

With scores of DOE reporting organizations submitting separate spreadsheets to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), there were hundreds of risks and controls. While the process was meeting Federal requirements, the system was inefficient and clumsy.

Transforming an Interactive Map into an All-In-One User-Friendly Database

As the Application Development and Support (ADS) team, part of a Department of Energy (DOE) office, continued to detach itself from the New Development and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) teams, the need for a user-friendly map arose. With their focus directed toward the transition, Edgewater seized the opportunity to provide the client with a modernized DOE Covered Solutions database that exceeded expectations. 

Capitalizing on Cloud for Cost-Savings

As part of a cost-saving effort, the Department of Energy (DOE) decided to close all onsite data centers and transfer that information to the cloud. This challenge was daunting, as these systems impact over 14,000 DOE employees and contractors, as well as the supporting databases and interface partners.