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[September 20, 2022]—Frederick, Md. Edgewater Federal Solutions, Inc. (“Edgewater”), a leader in enterprise IT, cybersecurity, systems engineering, and data science […]


[September 13, 2022]—Frederick, Md. Edgewater Federal Solutions, Inc. (“Edgewater”), a leader in enterprise IT, cybersecurity, systems engineering, and data science […]

Our People…Your Edge

We didn’t create our outstanding team by accident.

Our advantage comes from a consistent focus on attracting highly talented and dedicated people – and a commitment to honoring and empowering them so that they stay. With meaningful work and industry-leading training, compensation, and benefits, Edgewater careers are enviable so that our people are our edge.

I have been working at Edgewater as a Configuration Manager for over 5 years. The job has been challenging, rewarding and has provided an environment for professional growth. As an on-sight contractor, I have been working with a team of seasoned professionals who have provided both technical expertise and a warm friendly environment.

- Barry Cohen

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